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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 20, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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present our case on barack obama. >> we have ten seconds. >> he knew the economy he was running in in 2008. he won based on the economy. so he can't come now and say things were bad. you won and you said you would fix it and you didn't. >> thanks for being with us. appreciate your time. that's all the time we have left. thanks for being with us. gretetisis next. e you tomomroro night. >tonight what is g gngn at the itit house? cacaititetettstory late? first the obama administration for a week adamantly blaming a spontaneous protest over a youtube video for the murders of four americans, including or ambassador in libya. despite, despite it happened on the anniversary of 9/11. where there are pockets of hostility against americans. and yesterday, eight days after the four murders, an administration official finally admitting terrorists are to blame, and today white house press secretary jay carney agreed saying it was self evident the assault was a terrorist attack. but late today, and this does
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appear to be a switch, during a forum the president once again seemed to blame the youtube video for the violence. >> what is dramatic today is that just 24 hours after jay carney was telling reporters all of us in the white house briefing room yesterday it was too early to classify whether it was terror, whether al-qaeda was involved -- >> what i can tell you is, as i said last week, as our ambassador to the united nations said on sunday and as i said the other day, based on what we know and now, and new at the time, we have no evidence of a preplanned or premeditated attack. this remains under investigation. >> now jay carney aboard air force one told reporters itself evident that this was a terror attack. different from what the administration has been saying all week. >> we are at the very early stages of an fbi investigation. the teams from the fbi reached
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libya earlier this week, and i will advise congress also that i am launching an accountability review board that will be chaired by ambassador thomas pickerring. >> clearly a terrorist attack. but exactly who perpetrated it is the question. >> we went through a very exhaust i have effort to try to take those prisoners at gitmo and to rehabilitate them. but we have seen instances, both in iraq and afghanistan, and for that matter pakistan, where former detain s have been involved in planning and executing attacks against americans abroad. >> on the issue of -- with libya today, it is stunning the lack of coordination between the intelligence community and the state department. >> what do we know? we know it was a terror attack. it was planned two or three days in advance. we knew it had nothing to do
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with the video. we know our ambassador was tortured now before he was killed. >> what we do know is that the natural protests that arose because of the outrage over the video were used as an excuse by extremists to see if they can also directly harm u.s. interests or -- well, we don't know yet. we are going to continue to investigate this. >> it wasn't the video. >> our ambassador was tortured before he was murdered. no leadership whatsoever. i don't think barack obama is capable of leadership. he's capable of mesmerizing, but he's not capable of leadership. >> so what's up? why does the obama administration keep changing its tune in incompetence or coverup or something else? former speaker of the house newt gingrich joins us. nice to see you. >> nice to be here. >> i was reading your twitter
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account and in your twitter account after the attack you referred to the president as an apeacer. you said that. >> he is. and his speech in cairo was an appeasement speech. he blames america first. who is responsible for killing our ambassador? well, it's a movie. now what's amazing to me, as the candidate of hollywood, as a candidate of the left which has been very anti-censorship, if you want to put christ in a glass with urine, that's art. if you want a statue of mary smeared with elephant dung, that's art, but now someone has made a film that no one has
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seen, that's something else. and it's a falsehood are the president and higgs staff, remember the first sunday you had the ambassador to the u.n. saying over and over on every show, this was not a terrorist attack, this is a spontaneous response. that is bologna. i don't know if she was deliberately lying or out of the loop, it is bologna. a message was sent before 9/11 to libya to use 9/11 to kill americans in revenge for the american killing of the top al-qaeda figure who was a libyan who was killed in pakistan. now that traffic was there. in fact works he have now been told, there arizona story today where somebody in the administration said we were trying to analyze what this message meant. now, you get a message that says try to kill some americans on 9/11 to get even for what the americans did to us in pakistan, it should be pretty obvious as soon as you translate the message what it meant. >> i take it one step further, i
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don't even know why you need a warning. i covered those parts of the world and they are very uncomfortable, very turbulent times and when you are an american there you have to be very vigilant. when you are an ambassador or representing the state, the country, i would expect that there would be incredible security and you would expect on september 11th that you were particularly vulnerable >> the administration is also deceiving people about the people killed with the ambassador. i'm told ungively of the four people involved, two, the ambassador and two other people, two were not his security team. two were people who had been hired for the consulate to help the consulate. but he apparently showed up in benghazi on 9/11. benghazi is the most radical city in libya. it produced more foreign fighttories kill americans in iraq than nips other than said i arabia. >> what does the administration gain by getting it wrong and stick to go the story?
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suppose they got it wrong the first and thought it was provocation and they made a mistake because they have the cairo embassy sending out messages. suppose they got it wrong but they kept pounding it and seized and wouldn't let it go for eight days. why were they hung up on that? >> there were two things going on. the first is i think president obama deep in his own belief system cannot bring -- accept the fact there's a radical islamist faction that's totally i am compatible with american values and he keeps look for any other excuse, any other explanation. second, if al-qaeda was strong enough and clever enough to kill the american ambassador in benghazi, then all the victory dances they are doing about killing osama bin laden are pretty phoney. they are as wrong as president bush having the session on the aircraft carrier. we are in a much deeper struggle, it has much greater
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implications, and nobody in our national establishment wants to have an honest conversation about how hard this is going to be and how long this is going to last. not like afghanistan or iraq but we will have people out there who hate us and want to kill us and want to defeat our civilization for a very long time. >> many americans have war fatigue. many want us out of afghanistan yesterday. they think we should have. and if you were president, and i realize you wanted to be president, what would you be doing tonight? how would you handle it differently? >> first of all, i think we should have a total reassessment of our strategy for the region. i think they should suspend all of the aid to egypt right now. when you have the prime minister of egypt explaining that americans better start censoring themselves or there will be more riots, why are we shipping them billions of dollars? i would reassess the whole region. we have to confront. iraq is not particularly working, afghanistan is not particularly working. we have no strategy for
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pakistan. egypt is sliding away. remember, the muslim brotherhood, who we all thought it was fairly radical, is now the moderate wing in egypt. there is another group that is far more radical than the muslim brotherhood and i don't think we appreciate yet how much turmoil the region is in. >> we do the assessment and give it the worst case scenario it's as bad as many of us hope it is not, then what do you do? >> i'm actually having a press conference tomorrow at the national press club with scott noble to lay out a strategy. the first thing i think you do is create an american energy policy that creates, as romney said, creates north american independence in this decade. there was a hillary clinton memo in 2010 where she said the saudis are clearly the leading funders of terrorism and we don't seem to be able to get them to stop n this administration we have increased the amount of oil we are buying
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from sueddy arabia. we are asking them to release more oil so we can buy more and send more money to them so they can fund the people attacking embassies and burning flags and attacking americans. that's an irrational strategy. we need a new american energy that lib brace us from relying on the middle east. >> and in your peace you accuse hillary clinton and president obama of intellectual dishonesty. >> they both said immediately after the killing of the ambassador this was, quote, a senseless act that. is profoundly misleading for the american people. this was an act of war. these were very sensible people who hate us. they were doing something very deliberate. this isn't some mob being senseless. and none of our intellectual leaders are willing to deal with it. when we had somebody yelling at fort hood and killing 14 americans they describe it as workplace violence. we is of had a pakistani with a
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car bomb in new york city, the reaction of the mayor of morning said it could be somebody opposed to obamacare. let's not rush to judgment. the desire of our elites to avoid being honest about the war we are in. there are people on this planet who are islamist supremists. and someone said we are moving from an arab spring to an islamist winter. they want to defeat us, they know exactly what they are doing, and they talk about it every day in their mosque. it's not every muslim. let me be clear. it's the extremists. they are actually pretty open about this. >> well, let me lk about our ally in the region, israel. how does israel sort of fit into this whole dynamic of what is going on right now? >> i have to break up laughing because i was watching fox and friends this morning and it had the picture of the president
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meeting with a pirate. >> dated from '09 or an old picture. >> and they made the point he can go on letterman but can't meet with netanyahu. the israelis have a huge problem. they have a decaying egyptian government on one front and they have increased threats from gaza and the sinai, and they have a collapsing dictatorship. if those weapons get out of control, and this is what happened in benghazi, it collapsed and the extremists got a ton of weapons. and so you are seeing as these dictatorships collapse, you are seeing for weapons getting into the hands. extremists and israel has a fear they may see syrian chemical weapons being fired at them in substantial quantities. >> the first message that came out of the white house was the
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meeting with netanyahu didn't fit his schedule. the second one that came out was they never asked for a meeting. and we are getting -- it's sort of these -- >> well, no, they didn't -- it didn't fit his schedule to have a meeting that hadn't been requested and they thought they would randomly indicate that he was really a busy man and turn out the prime minister did want to meet with him. >> at these very important times it's really hard to understand -- >> there was a report last week, and let me of -- i may get the numbers wrong, but the president only took in 38% of his daily intelligence briefs. >> he's reading them? >> apparently. >> but you don't get follow-up questions when he reads. >> he's a brilliant man and he can probably absorb all this information faster than the rest of us, but it tells you this is almost like a have you hadville act. this is the presidency as entertainment. it's not the presidency as leadership, it's not the presidency as commander in chief and i'm not sure entertainer in chief is a comforting concept given the level of danger we see
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in the world. >> mr. speaker, nice to he zoo i. >> nice to see you. >> straight ahead. r word. romney sitting the president heart in his same of redistributing the wealth. and a blistering report on operations fast and furious. heads are already rolling at the justice department. but darrell issa i cysts our work is not yet done. what does he mean by that? congressman issa will tell you himself.
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>> gov. mitt romney hammering away at president obama recoveries belief in redistribution. today during a campaign stop at sarasota, florida, gov. romney calling redistribution a foreign concept. >> it's the idea of redistribution, which is we are going to take wealth from some and redistribute it to others, that's a foreign concept that hasn't been part of the american experience. this is a land where we have been allowed to pursue or dream and in doing owe they lift us as a nation, give us jobs, and i will not apologize for success here and i will never apologize for america abroad. >> dick morris, author of the new book "here come the black helicopters" joins us. nice to see you, dick. >> nice to be here.
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>> i have been look at your twitter count and i see discussion about the 47 and also the issue about redistribution. i'm curious, the redistribution is not particularly new, was not particularly effective in '08, why do you think it's a good strategy against the president in 2012? >> i think it was effective in '08. mccain lost but he gained probably five or six points after joe, the plumber. but it's also important because it's exactly what is going on right now. obama is advocating a massive national income redistribution. not only within the united states, my new book that you mentioned, here come the black helicopters, u.n. global governance and the lack of freedom talks about treatise he's pushing which is taxing american oil wells offshore, billionaires throughout the
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world and using that money to go to the third world. going past foreign aid and actually taxing the united states internationally to give the money to the third world. that was at the core of the rio conference. and these schemes are floating around heavily and they lie at the core of obama's view. look, when two-thirds -- in 1980 one-third of our federal budget went to cash transfers to other people, money that we paid people. now it's two-thirds. two-thirds of it goes there. so when you have one percent of the population paying 42% of the tax and two-thirds of the tax going to other people, what do you call that but income redistribution? >> well, i hear you talk about it and others talk about it, you do did of it with a level of certainty and conviction, and i think is it resonating with the voters? there's a new nbc news wall street journal poll, in iowa obama is up by 8, in colorado
7:21 pm
obama is up by 5, and up by 5. explain the policy and tell me why the romney camp shouldn't be very nervous? >> because all those polls are based on assumptions that are rooted in the 2008 election. when you do a poll, you always undersample blacks, latinos and young people because they don't answer the phone that much, they have cell phones. then you have to distribute it to the right weighting. they go back to the last election. the last election 14% of the vote was african-american. normally it's 11. college student turnout is twice when it normally is. the polling does not indicate that that enthusiasm is there this year. if you go back to 2004 turnout asums, the norm throughout the country, other than '08, the very same poll that fox news did, for example, that shows obama ahead by 6, would show a
7:22 pm
race that is basically tied. >> and undersampling, for instance, of the young, you think come election day, and the young vote is typically the president obama vote, come election day we would be surprised there would be more votes for the president under that? >> no, you miss under me. when they undersample, they weight it. 7% of your sample was black and you are assume 14% of the vote black, you double weight every black vote to move it up there. >> i understand. >> but in fact it shouldn't be 14, it should be 11, you are way overstating the obama vote and that's what's going on in these polls. but i want to stress -- >> i got to go. one quick question. tell me again your new book? >> this is the first time i talk about it on tv. "here come the black helicopters. u.n. global governance and the loss of freedom." >> good. i wound make sure we got that out there for you, dick. thank you.
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>> thank you. >> for a week the obama administration was insisting the attack on our embassy was a spontaneous act provoked by a youtube video. now they are admitting it is a terrorist attack. this is somewhat confusing. president obama still seemed to blame the youtube video. so what message does all this waffling send to the rest of the world? and fast and furious is not over. you will hear from congressman darrell issa coming up. try as much as you like, anyway you like. like new teriyaki grilled shrimp for just $14.99! my name is gela trapp, and i sea food differently.
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>> four americans murdered in benghazi. for more than a week the obama administration sticking with the story the attack was a spontaneous response from a video. eight days of a september 11th, an administration official admitting before congress the assault that killed our ambassador and three others was an act of terror. and today white house press secretary jay carney saying
7:27 pm
outright itself evident that what happened at benghazi was a terrorist attack. but later president obama speaking at a florida forum still seeming to blame the youtube video for the violence. is it flip-flopping? if so, does it make the russ look weak? john bolton is joining us. i simply don't understand why they are pushing the whole business of the youtube video to begin it. having said that, our hangup on the video, who is the impact on it, ours meaning the nation? >> i think the president revert to go his basic world view, his basic ideology is giving as you revealing piece of evidence of how he sees the world and how his policies are formulated. he doesn't bother himself with facts like the admission by the head of the counterterrorism center that this was indeed a terrorism tack and probably al-qaeda reporting indicates quite possibly somebody released
7:28 pm
at gitmo. it doesn't fit his world view so he doesn't bother with it. i think that says to the rest of the world this man is badly misinformed about what is going on. >> it's an unusual distraction there. is some evidence there were protests in cairo about the youtube video, about you in the area where we have these four murders and it's 9/11 and we have a counterterrorism and the authorities in libya all saying there's an al-qaeda element or terrorism element, for the life of me i can't understand why we are being distracted to this day by the president with this video. >> and it's worth for the administration because it undercuts their argument al-qaeda has been tweeted. one, was it carried out by terrorists or overcaffeinated demon stray store and i think it's terrorists. second warnings it a preplanned attack or did it occur on the spur-of-the-moment? i think the evidence points to planning. but let's take the
7:29 pm
administration position as being correct. if you now have an al-qaeda that can seize targets of opportunities, that's agile, quick moving and creative, that's a much more dangerous al-qaeda than one operation that took weeks and weeks of laborious planning. the administration's position of what happened in benghazi or may have happened, goes to show the basic argument that al-qaeda is no longer a problem is even more wrong than otherwise thought. >> is it at all possible that the president has sort of a game face on and we have our navy seals or some of our special force the over there and that they are -- they have gone over and they are going to get the people who have done this an. that while -- and that he does not want to be perceived as having the terrorism disrupted our country but rather it's business as usual and there's an active investigation and that tomorrow we are going to get them? >> well, one can only hope that special operation the forces are in the field. but it doesn't look that way.
7:30 pm
once again, the administration sending the fbi out, and i'm sure they have important forensic acts, but this is not a law enforcement matter. we are back to the same problem concept wally the administration has had from the outset, dealing with terrorism as law enforcement, closing gitmo, trying the terrorists in federal civil courts. and that whole procedural protections to give to the captured terrorists and now we are back at it again. four americans have been killed on foreign soil. this is not an fbi criminal investigative matter. >> many americans, probably not the ones watching tonight, but many americans have fatigue over war. they want out of there. the fox audience may not have that particular view, but how does the president rev them up to pursue a more aggressive approach to this? >> but the reason for that is the president's fault. he has studiously, for three and a half years, avoided a serious conversation with the american
7:31 pm
people about the threats america face necessary the world. in fact, beginning in his campaign in 2008, he has down played the threats we face. so are americans fatigued because of iraq and afghanistan and other conflicts? yes, because the president has failed in his leadership operation to explain to the american people the nature you are of the threats we face and the steps we need to take in our own defense. that's not the fault of the american people, that's obama's fault. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> and to the inspector general's report on fast and furious. darrell issa saying the report confirms what his committee has known all along, that the department of justice has let the american people down. today the goj expect general testified before the oversight committee. we caught up with chairman issa after the hearing. >> the department of justice, expect general report is out. are you satisfied that the attorney general, eric holder,
7:32 pm
new nothing about fast and furious? >> the i. g. did a tremendous, accurate and complete job to the extent he was allowed to. what he found was the attorney general specifically was not briefed and informed as to the details of fast and furious. interestingly, the former chief of staff in the same report said that with the people who did know, the attorney general should have known. so there's clearly a question not of did he know, because he said he didn't know. the question is why in the world did his key lou tenants keep it from him and why is it that it took this long to discover? >> jason warnstein is one of them, and he has resigned; is that correct? >> he has. >> and lanny brewer has only been admonished by the attorney general, he's not gone. and a congressman said last night lanny brewer should be canned. do you agree? >> his judgment was so bad, and
7:33 pm
his failure to, if he didn't fully understand what was going on, to fully understand makes it very questionable how you can rely on him to be the head of the division when all the wiretaps and everything goes through him. this is two important both on protection of our society but also on fourth amendment grounds, it's too important to not have him gone. >> the thing i wonder is did lanny breuer, was he for the right, did he dodge it, was he dishonest or was he straight? because i want people who are in those high decisions just lay it out, whatever it is. not those that are dodging. was he straight with you? >> i think the best way to do it is to take from the findings. danny breuer received an e-mail that was the false letter given to senator grassley. he wants us to believe that he
7:34 pm
responded good job, that in fact he sent it to his personal e-mail, about he not only never read it, but for ten months he saw no connection of the false statements the of gun walking and what he clearly new about past gun walking. so to that extent there's an absence of candor. >> that's a nice way to put it. did you believe him? do you think he is being straight with you? >> no, i don't and i think he's trying to shave the edges. as an officer of the court and as an attorney, you are not supposed to do that and i think that's where tray gowdy, as a former prosecutor, he gets it that you've got to be absolutely candid and honest or the whole system falls apart. lanny brueur was not candid and onest. he missed an opportunity to correct a record he had to know was false. >> should the attorney general have used -- to use tray's words, to can him and why don't
7:35 pm
you think he did? >> he has want the us to believe he acted quickly and decisively and made corrections. >> as soon as the report, as soon as he became aware of it, he killed it, got rid of it. >> actually fast and furious was already dead before that. >> is that dishonest? is that wrong? >> let's just say we already opened our investigation before he got to an ig. clearly the death of brian tray is what ended fast and furious and it should have ended long before that. the real question is why did we wait 19 months? why did we go through all this time waiting for an i. g. to come up with findings when jazz son -- when jason was in and out of his office. the people who have had bad judgment, and they have been key allies of the attorney general. the president said he has full faith and confidence in the attorney general. i asked the question how can you have confidence in somebody who
7:36 pm
didn't manage key managers' mistakes in a timely fashion. >> are you going to continue to pursue in court the contempt of congress with the attorney general? that's up to the attorney general. >> but if he doesn't provide any more documents, are you still going to pursue it? >> we have no choice. congress voted and we were ordered esingsly by congress to get that contempt relieved by full discovery of the areas in which presidential executive privilege was asserted inappropriately. >> in light of everything that's now transpired, do you think the attorney general should stay in office or not? >> well, i'm going to be a praying matist for once here. we have very little time until there's a new administration. the few weeks or months are probably not the big point. but you remember when martha johnson and the gsa scandal happened. the one thing she did, she happened to resign quickly but she left a list of correct that
7:37 pm
is should be done. my point is ton the attorney general very weekly needs to show us, there's a comprehensive report that shows him how wrong miss organization has been. that he take the corrective action and do it openly and transparent. >> up next, our political panel. president obama saying a short time ago you can't change washington from the inside. and as you might imagine, gov. romney jumped on that one. that's all next. ♪ [ malennouncer ] the first only the beginning. ♪
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>> president obama making a commented raising eyebrows and gov romney's rapid response. but first let's go to the news headlines. >> u.s. officials reporting tonight the last troops that were part of a surge two years ago have left afghanistan. they were among 33,000 soldiers sent to the war zone to swell. violence from afghanistan. there are 70,000 troops still there to train afghanistan
7:43 pm
troops. >> and then kerr made a fly over today in tucson to a special tribute to honor former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband, the last commander of the shuttle. now back to "on the record." >> just hours ago president obama making an eyebrow raising remark to some on the campaign trail. telling a florida forum this. >> i learned some lessons over the last four years, and the most important lesson i've learned is you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. that's how i got elected. and that's how the big accomplishments like healthcare got done. >> what does he mean by that? gov. romney, of course, seizing on the president's comment. >> the president today threw in
7:44 pm
the white flag of surrender again. he said he can't change washington from inside, he can only change it from outside. well, we are going to give him that chance in november. he's going outside! >> joining us our political panel, senior washington editor rick klein and chief political correspondence byron. and byron, we have the complete quote, the president had a lot more to say. >> what does he mean? i don't really know. you run for president as an outsider the first time. you can't run for re-election as an outsider. the thing that struck me as odd is he said that's how we got healthcare done, as an outsider. the public was actually opposed to obamacare for months and months and months after it was first introduced. the way he got it done was an inside job. by handing out favors, by persuading people, bytisting their arms. this is the man who passed national healthcare, who passed financial reform, and who passed a nearly $1 trillion stimulus.
7:45 pm
he got a lot done from the inside. >> a. b., this is going to be used against him, although it's not the complete quote. go ahead. >> i think the most significant thing that president obama said today, that is really alarming, is that his biggest failure that he didn't help enact immigration reform with 23 million people out of work. i think that was the most eyebrow-raising comment. what he said today actually is something he has said before. and although it was strange that he said if he was re-elected to a second term he would engage in a continuous conversation with the american people, which after how many speeches we've heard from president obama in the last three and a half years we know he's in a continuous conversation and it doesn't need to get more compulsive at this point. but he actually said words that romney has used himself and romney used those very words against john mccain, calling him an insider when he was running as an outsider in 2007, and he actually said i don't think you change washington from the inside, i think you change it from the outside.
7:46 pm
so romney doesn't remember using those words. if he tries to use them in an ad, the huffington post and others will remind him he used those exact words five years ago. >> but this is the obama election. he ran as an outside force but he is the insider now and he has four years to run on. to try to channel that again, and when he says stuff like that, it's very difficult, and hard for a lot of people to swallow because he is inside washington and has been running washington for three-plus years. >> he also said, and i'm quoting, we know now that as soon as i came into office, you already had meatings amongst some of the republican colleagues saying how do we figure out how to beat the president? one of the first things he said before that, he said to everybody i won. he drew the line in the sand. so he was not particularly cooperative at day one. it's a little far-fetched for him to accuse the other side. >> he's been complaining about this the whole side, that the opposition party actually opposed him. i'm not sure what he expected --
7:47 pm
>> that's politics, were o'clock unfortunately. >> exactly. >> about he said it at the very beginning. he said, "i won" like too bad. >> exactly. remember they had the healthcare summit, everyone was sitting around the table and all of them were state their oklahomas and he said this is what we have elections for and i won. stand by, panel. secretary of state hillary clinton, but it's not what you think. that's next.
7:48 pm
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7:51 pm
>> the obama administration is taking out ads and pakistan in an effort to calm the rage against us over the anti-muslim youtube video. they are airing ads on pakistani tv. how much are the ads costing you? the embassy so far sent $70,000 in the ads and who stars in the ads? president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. >> since our founding the united states has been a nation that respects all faiths. we reject all efforts to denigrate the religion us beliefs of others. but there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence, none. >> let me state very clearly,
7:52 pm
and i hope it is obvious, that the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its content and message. america's commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. >> back with our political panel. rick? >> this doesn't seem like an excessive use of taxpayer dollars to me personally. if you can help us in the region a little bit we are taking a lot of heat over a video we had nothing to do with. you are taking the comments of the president, the comments. secretary of state, if you can buy a little good will for us by doing it and help the folks over there in a tough situation, it seems this is more effective than sending out a tweet and dropping a mailing saying we had nothing to do with it. >> i'm all for the -- we brought
7:53 pm
aid there and they were furious when we wanted to know what they were going to pend it on. >> if you are going to do an ad touting religion tolerance in the united states and hop we value that, could they maybe also mention freedom of speech? the idea that the united states we respect someone's right to make a statement without having the government crackdown on them? and maybe they should get that idea, too? >> that's a good point. i mean, i agree with rick, the state department has spent lots of no one many ways, in different ways, to attempt to affirm religious tolerance and other things and speak out against this kind of anti-muslim violence that groups are trying to have. it could reach up to 90 million people and i think it could help on television versus putting it on the internet. >> i think they also put it on
7:54 pm
the internet. >> i think they did both. i think we have a fragile relationship with pakistan. it's taken some twists and turns this year. it's one we stick with no matter what because we feel we can't abandon it. even when they don't want to tell us what we are doing our aid, we are sticking with them as an investment that we can't walk away from. this is a recommendation. whether the video has a lot to do with that attack is another question. but it still is leading to protests that the government is worried. >> it comes just at the moment where the administration is finally beginning to admit that the most serious attack, the one in libya, was not about this movie. >> going back to libya, abc news reporting and we have 30 seconds about the guards. >> five security guards were guarding the ambassador, according to those briefed on the situation today. obviously the administration want to go focus on the fact there was security surrounding hip. it didn't have anything to do with this particular attack. it wasn't like he was physically
7:55 pm
attack. there was an attack on the come bound itself. but the point is they were worried about security at the time. they are trying to make the point this was not like they just let their guard down. >> and there were five guards. that's the most information we have so far on the guards. panel, as always, thank you very much. never dull, right? >> thank you. >> coming up, what does the president and superstar jay-z have in common? start guessing. that's next. little bit more van? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions... because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah. that's a very nice cake! [ male announcer ] well, you can't beat them. [ giggles ] ohh! you got something huh? whoa... [ male announcer ] humana understands the value of spending time together that's a lot of work getting that one in! let's go see the birdies. [ male announcer ] one on one, sharing what you know. let's do it grandpa. that's why humana agents will sit down with you, to listen and understand what's important to you.
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>> greta: president obama is known for partying with a-litters. what does he have in common with rapper jay-z? >> during a fund-raiser with jay-z president obama said that he and the rapper have a lot in common, because their wives are more popular than they are. well, jay-z said they have a lot in common because neither


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